Join us and do a good green deed!

Moreletakloof Nature reserve can now boast to have a Bird hide and a rest deck that can facilitate everybody.

We did finish the construction but need to clear the areas around this sites as well as level out our existing pathways that leads to the hide, as well as a few other routes that we would like to use as off-road pathways that can be used by persons in wheelchairs, and blind persons, to reach other parts of the reserve.

What is needed please will be the following:

1. Three big loads of river sand (brown) as well as three big loads of fine crushed rocks (small ones but not gravel), to make the grass pathways even with the sand and stabilize the other pathways with fine rocks with the use of stampers(2, we can hire, but for free), after it was levelled.

Some parts needs about no attention but others are not level at all, and we might need a small grader to level the serious parts and a small loader that can travel, on our two meter wide pathways, to take the filling and remove extra ground or rocks and roots.

If landscaping contractors can help, we would be grateful. This is priority, and we need to do this as soon as possible.

2. People that are willing to help us on Saturday’s, for a few hours. We will need spades, picks and a few wheel-barrows. We just need to know how many people will help, on which days, so that we can let Nature Conservation, know beforehand.

We need to remove water grass from the spruit, in front of the hide, by hand. It is difficult but by using forks we can remove some roots, so that we have clear water to attract the birds. You will need water boots, because the water is about 20 – 40 cm deep. This is a very sensitive wetland area but do have the permission from Nature Conservation.

We need to plant a few dry trees in drums, so that the birds can land on them and also place some on a small island and along the side to, set boundaries and try and keep this water open.

We need to clear the other routes from cut down invader plants, and also making it less slippery in the rainy season, by placing wooden logs and fastening it with iron spikes. This is the sort of work sessions that could follow.

It would be so good if we could have a group of people that can work with us, to full fill our dreams, and to help Nature Conservation keep this reserve looking good and safe, in the future.

For more information contact Jeannie du Plessis at, for more information.



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