February 2015 Events – Join us!

On the Saturday the 7th of February, we will once again have a Bird Ringing morning. Young and old love to see how the ringers catch the birds and work with them in such a caring way.

Best is to come early from around 06:00 (this will allow you to see the birds in the nets as well). The reserve is at its best so early. Remember something to eat and drink, walking shoes and maybe a small donation towards the reserve (we will have a donation box available).
On the same day you are also welcome to help us clean the Rademeyerspruit and the surrounding parts of the reserve where the storm water drains deposits all the street rubbish. We will supply bags and have a skip that you can deposit the bags into. Remember to wear old clothes and shoes. If you are you are brave you can walk in the stream, the most beautiful part of the reserve. This will be done in all the reserves and green areas east of Pretoria.

You can join us at any time from 05:00 – 11:00 – grab a bag at the gate and fill it up.

On Saturday the 21st of February we will be hosting a Mushroom Walk early in the morning followed by a talk afterwards by Liz Popich.
The walk starts at 06:00, when the reserve is still cool and fresh. You will be see the most special and colourful mushrooms and fungi that grow all over our reserve in the shadows.

For more info send us a message on Facebook, or e-Mail us on info@moreletakloof.co.za.

                                                                           IMG_6856Skoonmaak 2

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