Bird Ringing – 19 August 2017

We would again like to invite everybody to join us for a lovely friendly morning with our Birdlife, Gauteng North Bird ringers for a bird ringing on the 19th August 2017 from 06:00 until 10:30.
Its a day for parents and grandparents to come for a early morning walk with their kids as well as photographers and people that love our special reserve.
Remember to bring something to eat and drink in your back pack, and also the cameras.

Remember that these bird ringing sessions are easily accessible for people with wheel chairs as well as the blind to join us. You can enjoy the beauty of our reserve and the blind persons will get the chance to sit with the ringers and get the feel of what is happening holding the birds.

We start early to put up the nets. Join us before it is too hot!

The event is free, but  you are welcome to make a small donation at our container at the gate for Moreletakloof Nature Reserve. We also have SnapScan available.

Voëlring deur BirdlifeSA se Gauteng Noord op die 19 de Augustus 2017 vanaf 06:00 tot 10:30.

Hierdie is altyd n heerlike uitstappie vir oud en jonk.

Kom geniet die vroëe oggend saam met ons in die kloof – Onthou asseblief iets te ete en drinke asook u kameras! Die ringers doen soveel moeite om elkeen persoonlik te wys wat hulle doen, hoe mooi die voëltjies is en vertel ook waarom die ring van voëls so baie belangrik is.
Hierdie is n wonderlike geleentheid vir persone in rolstoele sowel as blindes om saam ons te kom kuier. Die roete is maklik rolstoelvriendelik, en almal geniet die om te voëls van naby te sien en vas te hou.

Selfs die kleinste kinders geniet dit en u kan met stootwaentjies tot in ons voëlskerm met gemak kom. Hulle het n fees by sulke geleenthede.
Sal u asseblief vir ons as Vriende van Moreletakloof n donasie maak as u die uitstappie geniet het (donasie houer by die ingang van die reservaat waar u registreer).

Holiday Ecodays For Kids – 7 and 20 July 2017

Holiday Fun for Kids – We have two exciting Eco Days for Kids on the 7th and 20th of July:
On Friday the 7th of July from 7:00 we have the bird ringers setting up nets in our reserve for a special session for kids. You and your kids are welcome to join us any time from 7:00AM (but come early to see Chris Siebert and the friends setting up their nets and catching the birds!).
Parents – bring your cameras to catch the beautiful birds up close with your kids. After the ringing, we will have find a nice spot to sit and learn more about nature (from the birds found in the reserve to the tiny insects). Remember comfortable clothes, your camera and snacks! We should be done around 11:00.
20 July we will host a Eco Day for the kids with interactive talks on Water (Where does it come from, what insects are found and how they test the water). After this we will learn about the rocks found in the reserve.
More info to follow on the event of the 20th – but book these days in your calendar and come and enjoy the time with your kids in nature!
These events are free, but donations to the Friends of the Moreletakloof are always welcome. Please note that a parent, grandparent or guardian need to accompany the kids on these days.
Contact us for more info:

Flufftail Bird Hide turns 3!

The Flufftail Bird hide of Moreletakloof is three years old and we would like to invite you to join us for a short walk and roll to the dam and from there to the hide. We will have some of the special people involved to make this dream come true joining us for a short talk at the hide.
This will take place on the the 19th of November 2016 at 05:30 for 06:00. We will walk/roll until 8.30 after which you are welcome to join us at Rademeyers for a lovely Breakfast (how does Crumpets with honey and fruit; or Yoghurt with assorted fruits sound..there will be a menu available). This will be for your own cost. Click here to view their menu: Rademeyers Breakfast Menu
Let us come together and celebrate the third year of this beautiful hide and walk/roll and talk together … a special place for many people, that was made possible by special people.
It is important that we know for how many people we must prepare for – coffee/tea and rusks and breakfast, so please confirm by mailing
 birdhide  2015-05-09 Kloof en projek 126  birdhide-2
Kom stap saam met ons en geniet die mooiheid van Moreletakloof en hoor waarom plekke soos ons reservaat en ons Voëlskerm so belangrik is vir ons pragtige voëls en vir ons rustige besoekers wat gereeld die kloof kom besoek.
Dis vroeg oggend maar dis die heel mooiste deel van die dag  in ons kloof.
Vriende van Moreletakloof
ontbyt-2 ontbyt-1

Upcoming Walks & Talks March 2016

Walks and talks in Moreletakloof Nature Reserve coming up in the next few weeks:
On the 5th of March from 06:00 till 11:00 we will once again host a BIRD RINGING DAY .
Please remember your hat, camera and something to eat and drink for the whole family. The kids loving seeing the little birds up close, and assisting with the release. A donation to the reserve on the day is welcome (we do have a donation box as well as SnapScan).
Please tell you friends that this walk is friendly towards persons that are blind or in wheelchairs.

On the 13th of March 2016 from 06:00 – 10:30 for a SCORPION AND SNAKE WALK with Christopher Caine and Joubert Heymans.
Join us with your whole family as the the kids enjoy looking for the Scorpions and snakes that they do not see everyday. The brave ones will also be able to handle them.
This will be the last scorpion walk as the seasons are slowly changing. There will also be very nice posters
as well as books and torches to buy on the day.
Please remember to wear walking shoes and long denims. Bring your camera and something to eat and drink.
This is a very nice walk and even the young ones enjoy it.
We will meet at the Information Hut at 6am near the gate. We would like to ask you to make a donation for the reserves upkeep.

Events and News for 2016

Moreletakloof Nature Reserve 2016

Ons wil baie graag ouers en kinders uitnooi om saam met ons in die Kloof te kom stap. Trek almal ou/of gemaklike skoene en klere aan, en kom geniet die natuur saam. Wat n lekker groen manier om jul vakansie af te sluit.

5 Januarie vanaf 6.30, neem ons n lekker uitstappie op die Duiker roete verby die skerm, en tot by die dam. Onthou eet en drink goed en kameras/en hoed. Ons stap net rustig vir so 3 uur en gesels. Daars soveel nuwe jong bokkies, wat huppel van plesier.

6 Januarie vanaf 6.30, vandag stap ons in en langs die spruit. Dis die mooiste deel van die reservaat en daar is soveel dinge om te sien en te doen. Ons sal verkies as ouers saam met jong kinders stap, en deel wees van die pret. Ou skoene en klere, en n paar sterk vuilgoedsakke, as moontlik en drink en eetgoed asb, in n rugsak. Dit sal ongeveer 2-3 uur duur. Ontmoet in die parkeer terrein.

8th January, from 06.30 till 10:00. We will do some cutting down of the invader plants like Bug weed. Bring your own clippers or saws and we will supply a safe poison, which can be applied by adults.

We would like to invite you to come and enjoy our first Walks and Talks for 2016 presented here.

Our very first event will be a tree walk with Izak van der Merwe and Owen Brett on the 6th February from 09:00 and we will meet in the parking area. We did this walk in November and we can promise you that it will be excellent because this tree people know so many very interesting stories about every tree … even back in history. We do ask for a R40.00 donation, for the reserve. You are welcome to join them afterwards at Rademeyers. Remember your hat, camera, walking shoes and something to eat and drink.

On the 20th February we will once again have Prof Adam Bumby walking and talking to us about the rocks that we find in this reserve. It is the same age as the rocks at the Cradle of Humankind and this walk will last for at least four hours. Young children also always enjoy this walk. Remember hats, water and something to eat. It is a very popular walk so do not miss out. Once again remember the R40.00 for the upkeep of the reserve. The walk will start at 6.30.

Spider walk with Astri Leroy on the 10th April from 8.30. Young children are welcome to join us because it is presented in a way that will be enjoyed by everybody. Remember your cameras and water and snacks. They do ask a fee of R50/adult and R10/under 11.

We will post more events for the year as we confirm dates!

Please remember that the membership to become a Friend of Moreletakloof have been lowered to R150/family of two adults and two children under 18 (you will also receive free entrance, for two visits for the family to Rietvlei, Groenkloof and Wonderboompoort etc).

You will receive a Newsletter about everything happening in this special reserve and important issues to be handled like our aging palisade. We would also like to thank Nature Conservation for looking after our reserves.

Kloof 1IMG_6839Kloof 2IMG_6846

Bird Walk with Andy Featherstone

Bird Walk with Andy Featherstone:

  • When: 22 November at 06:00
  • What: Bird Walk with Andy Featherstone from Wits Bird Club. Lance Robinson (also very well known in birding circles) will also walk with us too also help new birders.
  • Fee: R40 is optional as a donation.

Do not miss this walk! It is always well attended by other birders that know the reserve and birds very well. Join us for a ‘Walk and Talk’ with some very special people that also share your love for the reserve and its birds. We will meet in the parking area.

Clean-Up in the Reserve:

When: 30th October 2015 from 06:00

What: The best walk of all along the Rademeyer spruit to remove all the street rubbish that land in the reserve. You can start with us at 06:00 (cool and calm) or join us at 08:00 it’s your choice. Kids are welcome as long as they have adult supervision. The water is mostly very shallow. We supply the yellow garbage bags.

For more info please contact us on or 082 927 4673


2015 -08-24 Goeie begin op n maandagoggend 100 2015-09-03 Kloof paadjies 079 21 September Moreletakloof 112 IMG_5913 1959301_10152291003683762_279651276006106898_n

Bird Ringing 18 September 2015

Ons het weer ʼn Voëlring sessie op die 18 de September vanaf 06:00 tot 12:00 aangebied deur Chris Sibert in die Moreletakloof Natuur Reservaat.

Hierdie voëlring word spesiaal aangebied veral vir persone met gestremdheid (dit word op versoek aangebied, maar almal is welkom). Julle is welkom om enige tyd die oggend in te val by sessie, maar vroeg oggend is die beste.

Parkeer in die reservaat parkeerarea en stap dan af met die teerpad tot by plek waar mens afdraai na die voëlskerm en toilet. Julle sal hul daar sien. Chris Sibert gee baie persoonlike aandag en sal vir elkeen die kans gee om presies te sien hoe dit gedoen word en hy sal ook baie interessante feite oordra oor die natuur.

Bring asseblief eie dink en eet goed en dalk n klein donasie vir Chris Sibert.

Dit is belangrik dat ons weet hoeveel mense dit gaan bywoon so kontak ons gerus op 082 9274673 of

We will be hosting another birdringing session on the 18th of September from 06:00 – 12:00 in the morning. This session is specifically aimed at people living with disabilities (it is hosted on request) but anyone can join.

You are welcome to join in at any point of the morning, but earlier is always best.

After parking in the main parking lot, walk down the tarred road until you see the sign for the bird hide. You will spot the nets there.

We do need confirmation on how many people to expect, so please contact us on or call us on 082 927 4673 for info.



Bird Ringing morning – 1 August 2015

Voëlring oggend – 1 Augustus 2015 vanaf 06:30 – 11:00

Dit is weereens Voëlring dag in ons reservaat! Almal van oud tot jonk is welkom om die oggend weer saam met ons te geniet. Onthou iets te ete en drinke, gemaklike skoene. Blindes en persone met rolstoele is veral welkom want hulle kan met gemak tot by die skerm gaan; en word orals geakkommodeer en kan self voëls hanteer.

Onthou ook kameras want dis die kans om pragtige fotos te neem van baie naby.

Op die oggend is julle dan welkom om n donasie maak vir die reservaat se instandhouding- ons maak voorsiening vir n donasiehouertjie en het ook n SnapScan kode beskikbaar as u dit per foon wou doen by die voëlring area.

Kontak Jeannie du Plessis op 082 927 4673 of info@moreletakloof vir meer inligting.

2015-02-07 Moreletakloof Voëlring en Skoonmaak 152 2015-02-07 Moreletakloof Voëlring en Skoonmaak 169
Bird ringing in Moreletakloof – 1st August 2015 from 06:30 – 11:00

Come and join us for another bird ringing session in the reserve. Anyone is welcome – from small children to older people, people in wheel chairs and the blind also enjoy this outing very much. Everyone has fun handling the birds and being part of this outings so please tell your friends about this.

Remember something to eat and drink, and wear some comfortable walking shoes. Cameras is a must because the get the best close up photos of our special birds.

We will have a donation box available and also have a SnapScan code if you want to make a payment from your phone at the tables of our 19 bird ringers.

Contact Jeannie du Plessis on 082 927 4673 or mail for more information.

Bird Walk with Andy Featherwood – 20 June 07:00 – 11:00

Please join us for a lovely slow walk with birder Andy Featherwood on the 20th of June from 07:00 – 11:00 to see how many special birds we can spot in the reserve. We did find Swallow-tailed Bee-eaters and the illusive Buff-spotted Flufftails in the last few weeks. Please remember walking shoes, something to eat and drink and your binoculars or camera. It is cool but lovely in winter. Remember a small donation of R40 towards our bird hide. For more information please contact us on:
Ons hou ń lekker voëluitstappie op die 20ste Junie vanaf 07:00 – 11:00 saam met Andy Featherwood van Wits. Kom stap saam op ń rustige pas deur die kloof vir om te kyk hoeveel spesiale voëls ons binne die tydperk kan opspoor. Dra gemaklike skoene, onthou u verkyker of kamera en iets te ete en drinke. Die kloof is regtig winter mooi en teen ń donasie van R40 sal u ń heerlike oggend kan deurbring. Vir meer inligting kontak ons op:
2015-05-09 Kloof en projek 1262015-05-09