Start of construction of the Bird Hide and the Rest Deck on 25 March!

On the 25th of March 2013, we will start with the construction of the Bird Hide and the Rest Deck with the toilet (fully accessible). The parking for people with disabilities will follow as soon as this phase of the construction has been completed.

We as the Friends of Moreleta Kloof, cannot wait for the start of this first phase of this long awaited dream to materialise.  It has taken time,  but soon we will be able to facilitate persons with disabilities – as well as add greatly to the experience of all the other very welcome visitors to the Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve –  ranging from bird lovers to those who are seeking out the sanctitude of the trees close to the Rademeyer’s Spruit.

On Monday, the 25th March we will also start painting the outside palisade, which is in dire need of attention. We would like to thank all the people that made donations towards the Friends of Moreleta Kloof and for your kindness towards us. We would like to thank our big sponsors like Jacaranda FM, Bird Life SA (Rand Merchant Bank) our Biker friends and the various smaller donators. Tshwane Nature Conservation truly cares about this reserve and you see ample proof of this  in the way the pathways are kept. Our animals are happy and content  – and peaceful. Thank you Tshwane Nature Conservation for your sterling work over the years!

Please support us in our effort to keep this special reserve peaceful, serene and well kept.  This is a place where you can bring your youngest kids to learn of nature, where they can learn that there is no place like nature to relax in. And you might enjoy it too 🙂  It’s also an ideal setting  for projects for Primary- and High School students, you have a wide choice of topics, just walk and feel nature at its best…the rest will follow.

Please help us by contributing towards the Friends of Moreleta Kloof so that we can preserve the reserve. All the needed information is available on this site, to make a donation as well as on how to become a friend. We will be having Walks and talks in this reserve and feel free to give us ideas for walks or events that you have feel would be interesting!

Please contact us for any information or should you have any questions. We would like to share our ideas and propositions for the rest of our projects with you. If you can help us in any way, like to make our pathways more wheel chair friendly (in a natural way) or any other suggestions we would appreciate it.

You can reach us on or +27 82 927 4673.

One thought on “Start of construction of the Bird Hide and the Rest Deck on 25 March!

  1. We are so excited, cannot wait to start.
    We started in 2010….lots of frustration,lots of good people helping us, good sponsors, great people like Chris Patton giving us good advice,and will thank every person involved.
    Good luck to our Contractors and our very special Project Manager helping us. The Directors of Friends of Moreletakloof, for your help…… and my family.


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