Upcoming Events April / May 2014

26th April 2014, at 07:00 and 08:00 (two groups): Big Cut-down of Invader plants in the Moreletakloof Nature Reserve, Helios Street, Moreletapark.

We would like to invite families or groups of friends to join us. Please bring your own cutters, clippers or small saws to cut down Blackwattles and Bugweed on our pathways. We will supply poison to adults to use after the invaders was cut down.
This can be fun and your kids will love working with you in our beautiful reserve. Work as long as you feel like, but remember something to drink and eat,and to wear old clothing and a hat.
We will meet at the parking of the reserve near the entrance.

24th May 2014 Prof Adam Brumby from Tuks will walk with us, and give a talk on all the rock formations in the Moreletakloof Reserve. Time is from 07:00 till 11:00.

Adam gives the most interesting talk on the very old rocks (some as old as the rocks from the Cradle of Humankind), that is found here in our reserve.
Remember to bring something to eat and drink, your camera an a hat. The cost will be R 40/person. We will meet in the parking area.

For more info on any of these events, please contact us on info@moreletakloof.co.za

Rock Talk Rock Talk 2

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