Annual Meeting of the Friends of Moreletakloof – 19 November 2015

Annual Meeting of the Friends of Moreletakloof will be held on the 19th of November 2015 from 18:00 at Rademeyers Restaurant (main building), inside Moreletakloof Nature Reserve, Helios Street.

We would like to invite all the people that enjoy the Moreletakloof Reserve and regularly take lovely walks to join us on this special evening. We need people that care to help us with the running of the Friends group, as well as the planning to keep and safe guard this lovely reserve.

It is getting more and more important that the Community gets involved; else these green areas will become more threatened and unsafe and will be developed. Less people have the time or the finances to help us as Friends.

Please come with your ideas of how we can try and keep the reserve safe and well looked after. Nature Conservation will join us and be there to answer any questions you might have. There will be a cash bar available.

You are welcome to write to us at

2 thoughts on “Annual Meeting of the Friends of Moreletakloof – 19 November 2015

  1. Removal of aliens.

    I would be willing to wick treat wattle for its removal. I would buy the herbicide. The treatment stick is a wick-based applicator. The stick is manufactured from PVC and is a standard design. There is no spray and no droplets from the wick so the application is usually problem free.


  2. I will not be able to attend your meeting, but as a frequent visitor there, I beg you to please attend to your parking area at the entrance. It’s in a terrible state and I lost a tyre the other day when it was cut by a rock. Apart of that, I LOVE Moreleta Kloof.


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