Clearing of Invader Plants – 24 September 2015

We have 14 students from Unisa that will join us on the 24th September from around 07:00 to cut/saw down the invader plants and trees like Bug weed, Lantana, Black Wattles and many other that we will identify.  Poison will be available to use on the stumps, to stop it from growing again.

If we all work together we can clear a big piece of the reserve and stop this invasion to spread further down into the reserve. This students we do this as part of the projects that they must do while they study. Join us as a group of friends or as a family and bring your own clippers (small or big), saws and if you have a chainsaw (with protective clothing and shoes). Remember something to eat and drink while we all enjoy working together to solve this

The group from Wildlands (sponsored by the Conservation Trust) have made a big difference along the Rademeyer spruit (32m on both sides), but there are still so many invader plants that needs to be contained and we will appreciate your help.

Please note: We will meet everybody at the corner of Verdi and Rutger Street in Moreletapark behind the guardhouse. We will open the gate into the reserve and work from there, and not the main gate.

You are welcome to make a donation to pay for a worker that have his own chain saw and protective clothing (from our area)

For more information contact Jeannie du Plessis 082 9274673 or

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