Newsletter for Friends of Moreletakloof Nature Reserve / Nuusbrief vir Vriende van Moreletakloof Natuur Reservaat

This was a very special year for the Friends because we reached our dream to make our reserve much more friendly towards the elderly, parents with prams and persons in wheel chairs. It took more than three years to get all the plans approved as well as get funding. We contacted people that we thought would be willing to help us by donating their services free of charge, and ended up only paying for the contractor who did the construction. Nature Conservation helped us with all the information of what plans were needed, and approved this Discovery and Sensory Trail Project.

On the 24th October we handed over the Bird hide, the toilet and rest deck, as well as our special parking over to Nature Conservation, after we thanked the persons that made this possible and did the funding. People and instances, that needs to be mentioned for helping us, is the following:

  • Chris Patton from SANParks/ help with specifications and other help from 2010
  • Tommie van Deemter from Aurecon/ lots of help with information and the drawing of plans from 2010
  • Dr Pieter Aucamp from Ptersa/ Full Ecological study of the whole project
  • Cliff Barnes for final plans for bird hide and toilet
  • Ernst Wohlitz, Tinus Prinsloo,Pierre Mondrian, Christene Meyburgh, Adelene Marias and Johan Pietersen from Nature Conservation
  • Outdoordecks, Willie Loubser as contractor and Aroma Paving
  • Willem Silvis supplying generators during construction
  • Jan de Koster as Project Manager
  • Brian Geyer for donating lots of trees, from Willow Feather Farm.
  • All the help from Directors of Friends of Moreletakloof


  • Jacarandafm, Angels/R 48 000.
  • Roelof van der Merwe Bikers/R 12 000.
  • Ernst Retief from Birdlife with Rand Merchant Bank as sponsors/R 195 000.
  • Dawie Chamberlain also helped us through Birdlife.
  • The many smaller donators made it possible to make up the full amount.

We also painted the palisade fence in April 2013 (R 10 000) and did small projects with Nature Conservation.
We replaced many signposts during 2013, and also received 6 concrete benches from Vista Clinic for the reserve (R 10 000). We had some birdwalks and a tree walk with Prof Braam van Wyk.  Groups from Pathways and other school groups walked with us as well as groups from Old age homes. The local Voortrekkers also came for long walks.
We would like to thank every Friend of Moreletakloof that contributed towards all our projects, during 2013. You will agree that the reserve is well looked after and we thank Nature Conservation for all the effort that they put in to keep this reserve so safe (Adelene Marais, Johan Pietersen and Dawid and Eddie), and our pathways cleanly cut.

Businesses from this area, that sponsored food and drinks for outings from Pathways (70 persons per outing on different walks): Boma Butchery, Kings Deli, Freshways, House of Coffee, Spar and Castle Walk Flowers.

We would love the Friends to become more involved in the Management and help us with so many small tasks that
will insure that the reserve stay as safe, serene and beautiful in 2014.

Please become a Friend of Moreletakloof, we need you membership but also your involvement in tasks like removing invader plants, keeping an eye on the sewerage spills and overflowing of the reservoir, rebuilding bridges and organising walks and talks, helping us to fund the repainting and repair of the palisade. Please work with us because Nature Conservation help as much as they can, but they have a lack off funds and the security of the reserve needs more attention than ever.
The membership fee is R 350 per family (you and your family receive two free entrances for a family of four (two kids under 18, in five reserves which include Rietvlei and Groenkloof.)

Please come forward with new ideas and become part of the working team of Moreletakloof, supporting and helping Nature Conservation.

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