Brave little Zebra

We received messages on our Facebook group of a Zebra foal that was having problems walking. We asked nature conservation and vets in the area to help – and the response we got was amazing.

The zebra foal that was born on the 24th of  December. Once examined, the condition was identified as  ‘flexor tendon laxity’ – the tendons running down the back of both hindlimbs were ‘loose’ resulting in his rocking back on his heels and his fetlock nearly touching the ground.  The majority of these cases self correct as they gain strength, grow and become more mobile.

He is getting stronger every day.

Pictures below is from the wonderful veterinarian (Wilna van Schalkwyk Burke) and her family that is  helping the Zebra.  Updates are available on our pages, as well as her Facebook page ( 


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One thought on “Brave little Zebra

  1. I saw this little one on 3rd January when we walked the kloof.I was an avid horse rider so I noticed straight away that something was wrong and wondered how he would be taken care of. Yesterday I was there again and saw that there was a bandage on his one foot.

    So, I am so happy to see that he has been taken care of. He seems well guarded by his parents too! Thank you to ALL concerned.

    Kind regards


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