Important announcement: Change of legal model and banking details

We herby announce that the Friends of Moreletakloof has changed the legal model we used from the old Section 21 company to a Friends group that falls under the auspices of WESSA to follow the model other Friends groups use and to do away with a costly structure that was clearly not suitable for the operations we undertake following the changes to the Companies Act over the past few years.

The new model is conducive to better involvement of members, not having the burden of directorships like it used to have. Under WESSA we have to have a Constitution, which has already been approved by WESSA and which will be open for discussion and approval by members at the next AGM. This Constitution was drafted after extensive consultations with the management of other Friends Groups, the direction given by the WESSA Handbook for Friends Groups, Nature conservation and other advisors. The management is currently made up of a Chairperson and management members who were elected at the previous AGM, or who had to be appointed by the current management team. As usual, a management team for the new financial year will be elected at the next AGM early in 2019.

Our current management team consists of Dr Andrew Meyer, Chair, who has been with us since the registration of this Friends group, Leon Badenhorst, who joined the management team recently to undertake the vacant position of Finances and Jeannie du Plessis, who is responsible for all Projects at the reserve.

With the new operations model, a new bank account had to be opened to supply the bank with the correct FICA documents applicable to the new structure. We would appreciate it if you will take note of the new details and amend the beneficiary details on your banking app where members and the public are so kindly making contributions during the year for the operational requirements to aid in the upkeep of the reserve.

New Business Cheque account:

Friends of Moreletakloof
FNB Woodlands
Account number : 62790145009
Branch code : 230732

We would like to thank every person that has been involved with Moreletakloof Nature Reserve through the years.

At the AGM at the beginning of 2019 we will acknowledge them all.

To every person who has been supporting the Friends by making regular donations or anonymous payments over the years, making use of SnapScan and the donation box at the gate:- we would like to thank you for making it possible for us to assist Nature Conservation with the upkeep of the palisade and looking after the reserve to make it one of the most attractive for visitors in Pretoria.

We are exited to move forward with all the enthusiastic members who regularly visit the reserve.

If you would like to attend the AGM to get involved or to learn more about our activities, you are most welcome to send your e-mail address to Friends of Moreleta Kloof,, to get the notice.

Hope you all have a peaceful and invigorating festive season 2018.


Friends of Moreletakloof

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