COVID-19 Guidelines for Moreleta Kloof




Additional procedures that will put in place;

  • No visits to the bird hide.
  • No picnics allowed.
  • No visits to the Rademeyers Restaurant Area.
  • No group activities allowed.
  • Vehicles will be stopped at Main Gate. Once a vehicle leaves the reserve another vehicle will be allowed.
  • The security will scan ALL the persons in a vehicle at the gate before the visitors enter the vehicle gate.
  • Any vehicle with a person with temperature more than 38C will be asked to turn around
  • The visitors must remember the temperature for recording on the COVID visitors register.
  • Pedestrians will also enter at Main Gate and follow same procedures as vehicles.
  • Only 40 visitors at a time allowed in Reserve.



  • ID card must be shown for the security guard to record on COVID visitors register. Security guard must also record telephone number.
  • Only the following ablutions will be available: wheel chair ablutions – only one person allowed in toilet facility at any time. Hands will be sanitized before entering facility. Ablutions to be wiped off with sanitizer after each person exits bathroom.

Important announcement: Change of legal model and banking details

We herby announce that the Friends of Moreletakloof has changed the legal model we used from the old Section 21 company to a Friends group that falls under the auspices of WESSA to follow the model other Friends groups use and to do away with a costly structure that was clearly not suitable for the operations we undertake following the changes to the Companies Act over the past few years.

The new model is conducive to better involvement of members, not having the burden of directorships like it used to have. Under WESSA we have to have a Constitution, which has already been approved by WESSA and which will be open for discussion and approval by members at the next AGM. This Constitution was drafted after extensive consultations with the management of other Friends Groups, the direction given by the WESSA Handbook for Friends Groups, Nature conservation and other advisors. The management is currently made up of a Chairperson and management members who were elected at the previous AGM, or who had to be appointed by the current management team. As usual, a management team for the new financial year will be elected at the next AGM early in 2019.

Our current management team consists of Dr Andrew Meyer, Chair, who has been with us since the registration of this Friends group, Leon Badenhorst, who joined the management team recently to undertake the vacant position of Finances and Jeannie du Plessis, who is responsible for all Projects at the reserve.

With the new operations model, a new bank account had to be opened to supply the bank with the correct FICA documents applicable to the new structure. We would appreciate it if you will take note of the new details and amend the beneficiary details on your banking app where members and the public are so kindly making contributions during the year for the operational requirements to aid in the upkeep of the reserve.

New Business Cheque account:

Friends of Moreletakloof
FNB Woodlands
Account number : 62790145009
Branch code : 230732

We would like to thank every person that has been involved with Moreletakloof Nature Reserve through the years.

At the AGM at the beginning of 2019 we will acknowledge them all.

To every person who has been supporting the Friends by making regular donations or anonymous payments over the years, making use of SnapScan and the donation box at the gate:- we would like to thank you for making it possible for us to assist Nature Conservation with the upkeep of the palisade and looking after the reserve to make it one of the most attractive for visitors in Pretoria.

We are exited to move forward with all the enthusiastic members who regularly visit the reserve.

If you would like to attend the AGM to get involved or to learn more about our activities, you are most welcome to send your e-mail address to Friends of Moreleta Kloof,, to get the notice.

Hope you all have a peaceful and invigorating festive season 2018.


Friends of Moreletakloof

Community Walk & Talk 23 May 2015

Ons nooi u graag as Vriende van Moreletakloof sowel as ons enige gereelde stappers wat net so lief is vir die kloof om op Saterdag die 23ste Mei vanaf 07:00-10.30 saam met ons te kom stap. Ons gaan gesels oor die belangrikheid van Gemeenskapsbetrokkenheid saam met verteenwoordigers van die Polisie, Sektor4 asook die mense betrokke in die nattuur reservaat. Ons Stadsraadslid Francois Bekker sal ook beskikbaar wees vir enige navrae oor probleme wat u mag ondervind. Bring iets te drinke en onthou gemaklike skoene dit gaan n baie gesellige rustige stappie wees. Kinders welkom.
Vir meer inligting kontak Jeannie:
We would like to invite Friends of Moreletakloof as well as all our regular hikers to join us for a friendly Community  walk and talk on the 23rd May from 07.00 – 10:30. We will have representatives of the Police, Sector4, people involved in the reserve as well as Francois Bekker our area City Councillor who would all be able to answer any questions or address problems around our reserve. Remember something to drink and eat as well as comfortable walking shoes. Kids are welcome.
For more information contact: Jeannie at


Event reminder: Talk on rock formations by Prof. Adam Brumby

24th May 2014 Prof Adam Brumby from Tuks will walk with us, and give a talk on all the rock formations in the Moreletakloof Reserve. Time is from 07:00 till 11:00.

Adam gives the most interesting talk on the very old rocks (some as old as the rocks from the Cradle of Humankind), that is found here in our reserve.
Remember to bring something to eat and drink, your camera an a hat. The cost will be R 40/person. We will meet in the parking area.

For more info on any of these events, please contact us on

Rock Talk 2




Sampioene en Fungi / Mushrooms and Fungi

The Friends of the Moreletakloof Nature Reserve would like extend the following invite to you:

Join us on 30 January from 18:00 at the Rademeyers Chapel (in the Reserve at the Rademeyers restaurant) for a interesting talk by Liz Popich on mushrooms and fungi. She will be joined by Helena Coetzee who will share her experiences in the reserve. We ask a R30 dontation per person, which will be a contribution to our fund to paint and upkeep the palisade.

Kom luister na Liz Popich en Helena Coetzee vanaf 18:00 op 30 Januarie by die Rademeyers Kapel in die Moreletekloof Natuur Reservaat. Ons vra slegs R30 donasie per persoon, wat sal bydra tot ons fonds om die reservaat se palisade instand te hou.

For more info, and the full invite, please see below:


Hope to see you there!

mushroom mushroom 2

Veldstappie op 14 Desember 2013 om 06:00

Kom vir n heerlike vroegoggend uitstappie saam met Heidi Machts, wat n baie goeie veldgids is, en sal sorg vir n baie interessante stappie, waar jy baie sal leer van ons mooie reservaat. Dit is baie vroeg maar die mooiste deel van die dag in die veld. Al sou dit die vorige nag gerëen het bly die paadjies heel toeganklik.

Daar sal n koste verbonde wees van R30 per persoon, wat gedeeltelik aangewend sal word vir die verf van ons palisade wat u as stapper beveilig.

Ons ontmoet by die parkering naby die hek en die uitstappie sal ongeveer drie ure duur. Bring iets te eet en drink, en moet nie u kamera en hoed vergeet nie.

Datum: 14 Desember 2013 om 06:00

Kontak ons gerus op vir meer inligting!

Clean-up of Moreleta Kloof on the 18th of February 2012

The Friends of Moreletakloof Nature Reserve would like to invite you to join us for a clean-up of the kloof on the 18th of February 2012, from 9:00.

We will meet in the parking area near the gate of the reserve, where we will supply you with plastic gloves and rubbish bags, and will give you directions to the worst affected areas along the spruit, as well as near the inlets of the storm water drains.

Please gather your families and friends and join us for a fun morning. Remember something to eat and drink. For more information contact

Bird Ringing Report: Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve


The South African Bird Ringing Unit (SAFRING) administers bird ringing in Southern Africa, supplying rings, ringing equipment and services to volunteer and professional ringers in South Africa and neighboring countries. All ringing records are curated by SAFRING, which is an essential arm of the Animal Demography Unit at the University of Cape Town. The Bird Ringing Scheme in South Africa was initiated in 1948, so 1998 saw the 50th anniversary of the scheme. During this period over 1.7 million birds of 852 species were ringed. There have been a total of 16 800 ring recoveries since the inception of the scheme. This gives an overall recovery rate for rings in Southern Africa of marginally less than 1%, averaged across all species. This probability varies enormously across species. The traditional objective of SAFRING is to establish a database of recoveries of Southern African birds that can be used to establish information about movement and survival. Every bird ringed, no matter what species or where it was ringed has the potential to contribute to the SAFRING recovery database. Since 1982, this database has been supplemented by a re-trap database, supplied by ringers on a voluntary basis. This contains ringing and latest re-trap details of birds recaptured at least 12 months after being ringed. The database as a whole is a resource which may be used by researchers, conservation biologists and managers, and primarily provides answers to questions related to movement and survival. Research into bird populations of importance to fisheries, agriculture, conservation and water management authorities involves bird ringing. Ringing provides a cost- effective tool for monitoring our environment and commonly draws attention to pollution, poisoning, power-line incidents, long-line fishing fatalities and other hazards.

There are currently ±200 active ringers operating in South Africa and neighboring countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. About 70 000 birds are ringed annually. Ringers, both amateur and professional, have to pay for all rings used. Bird ringing in South Africa is very strictly controlled by the “CODE OF ETHICS FOR BIRD RINGERS”


The intensive “training before qualification” consists of at least one year active ringing under the mentorship of an A1 ringer to master correct identification of birds, accurate data capturing and looking after the well-being of the birds during the processing of birds.


SESAW: Survival Estimates in Southern African Weavers, Aug 2009 – Dec 2012

A new study has been launched to ring weavers in a way to maximize data for geographic variation in survival rates. Weavers are fairly easy to catch in large numbers, making them ideal candidates for large-scale studies. Species that could work well include Southern Red Bishops and Southern Masked Weavers. The key is to ring at sites where weavers are often recaptured. Ringers are able to contribute to this project in their normal ringing sessions. Due to the ideal habitat it was decided to register Moreleta Kloof for the SESAW project.

The aim is to measure geographic variability in survival rates of weavers in southern Africa over 3.5 years (2009-2012).

A normal ring session will typically start at ± 04h00 in the morning and could last up to 15h00 depending on weather conditions, temperature and numbers caught. During our recent visit to Moreleta Kloof we were fortunate to be able to ring a significant number of Weavers, Bishops, Thick-billed Weavers and Cape Weavers amongst many other species as was the case during previous ringing sessions in Moreleta Kloof.

The species ringed and released during our last ringing session is listed in the attached documents. In total more than 3825 birds have been ringed over a period of 8 years.

We would like to convey our special thanks to Adelene Marais, Functional Head: Nature Conservation and Ina from Rademeyers restaurant for allowing us to ring at Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve.

Many thanks

Dirk, Karen and Stefan van Stuyvenberg

Moreleta Kloof Ringing Report April 2011 Summary

Moreleta Kloof Ringing Report April 2011 Bird Listing

Scorpion Walk 4 March

The Friends of Moreleta Kloof will be holding a scorpion walk on the 4th of March 2011, at 18:00 in the reserve.

We will meet at the main gate in Helios Street, where safe parking will be provided. Please wear long pants and bring with a torch as well as something to eat and drink. The events consists of a short talk about scorpions with possibly some displays of captive scorpions, followed by a walk in the reserve after nightfall with a UV light!

  • Location : Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve
  • Date : 4 March 2011
  • Time : 18:00
  • Cost : R15 per person

For more information please contact us on or leave a comment below!

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