Bird Walk with Andy Featherstone

Bird Walk with Andy Featherstone:

  • When: 22 November at 06:00
  • What: Bird Walk with Andy Featherstone from Wits Bird Club. Lance Robinson (also very well known in birding circles) will also walk with us too also help new birders.
  • Fee: R40 is optional as a donation.

Do not miss this walk! It is always well attended by other birders that know the reserve and birds very well. Join us for a ‘Walk and Talk’ with some very special people that also share your love for the reserve and its birds. We will meet in the parking area.

Clean-Up in the Reserve:

When: 30th October 2015 from 06:00

What: The best walk of all along the Rademeyer spruit to remove all the street rubbish that land in the reserve. You can start with us at 06:00 (cool and calm) or join us at 08:00 it’s your choice. Kids are welcome as long as they have adult supervision. The water is mostly very shallow. We supply the yellow garbage bags.

For more info please contact us on or 082 927 4673


2015 -08-24 Goeie begin op n maandagoggend 100 2015-09-03 Kloof paadjies 079 21 September Moreletakloof 112 IMG_5913 1959301_10152291003683762_279651276006106898_n

Clearing of Invader Plants – 24 September 2015

We have 14 students from Unisa that will join us on the 24th September from around 07:00 to cut/saw down the invader plants and trees like Bug weed, Lantana, Black Wattles and many other that we will identify.  Poison will be available to use on the stumps, to stop it from growing again.

If we all work together we can clear a big piece of the reserve and stop this invasion to spread further down into the reserve. This students we do this as part of the projects that they must do while they study. Join us as a group of friends or as a family and bring your own clippers (small or big), saws and if you have a chainsaw (with protective clothing and shoes). Remember something to eat and drink while we all enjoy working together to solve this

The group from Wildlands (sponsored by the Conservation Trust) have made a big difference along the Rademeyer spruit (32m on both sides), but there are still so many invader plants that needs to be contained and we will appreciate your help.

Please note: We will meet everybody at the corner of Verdi and Rutger Street in Moreletapark behind the guardhouse. We will open the gate into the reserve and work from there, and not the main gate.

You are welcome to make a donation to pay for a worker that have his own chain saw and protective clothing (from our area)

For more information contact Jeannie du Plessis 082 9274673 or

Bird Ringing morning – 1 August 2015

Voëlring oggend – 1 Augustus 2015 vanaf 06:30 – 11:00

Dit is weereens Voëlring dag in ons reservaat! Almal van oud tot jonk is welkom om die oggend weer saam met ons te geniet. Onthou iets te ete en drinke, gemaklike skoene. Blindes en persone met rolstoele is veral welkom want hulle kan met gemak tot by die skerm gaan; en word orals geakkommodeer en kan self voëls hanteer.

Onthou ook kameras want dis die kans om pragtige fotos te neem van baie naby.

Op die oggend is julle dan welkom om n donasie maak vir die reservaat se instandhouding- ons maak voorsiening vir n donasiehouertjie en het ook n SnapScan kode beskikbaar as u dit per foon wou doen by die voëlring area.

Kontak Jeannie du Plessis op 082 927 4673 of info@moreletakloof vir meer inligting.

2015-02-07 Moreletakloof Voëlring en Skoonmaak 152 2015-02-07 Moreletakloof Voëlring en Skoonmaak 169
Bird ringing in Moreletakloof – 1st August 2015 from 06:30 – 11:00

Come and join us for another bird ringing session in the reserve. Anyone is welcome – from small children to older people, people in wheel chairs and the blind also enjoy this outing very much. Everyone has fun handling the birds and being part of this outings so please tell your friends about this.

Remember something to eat and drink, and wear some comfortable walking shoes. Cameras is a must because the get the best close up photos of our special birds.

We will have a donation box available and also have a SnapScan code if you want to make a payment from your phone at the tables of our 19 bird ringers.

Contact Jeannie du Plessis on 082 927 4673 or mail for more information.

Events in July

17 Julie vanaf 13:00 is daar MINI SASS watertoetsing vir kinders tussen 7 en 12 jaar oud.

Colleen Todd bied hierdie baie interessante watertoetsing aan en die kinders kry kans om al die kleinste water goggatjies te bestudeer en hanteer.

Sy pak groot bakke met die verskillende water (lopende water, onder rotse en onder in spruit en stilstaande water). Sy gee vir hulle tangetjies en spuitjies om water mee op te trek, en dan te bestudeer.

Dit is werklik baie insiggewend en laat die kinders besef dat ons ons waterbronne moet beskerm.

Ons ontmoet by die Informasie hut om 13:00 en behoort ongeveer 15.30 klaar te wees.Bring asseblief iets te ete en drinke. Kontak Jeannie op vir meer inligting.

17 July, from 13:00 MINI SASS for kids between 7-12 year old (must be accompanied by an adult as it is near water)

Colleen Todd presents this outing and I can promise you that your kids will have the most interesting experience. We take water from different spots in the river and place it in flat white trays, the kids will have the chance to look at all the different small animals and ‘goggas’ in the spruit. They will be supplied with pincers and syringes to study the small animals.

Please remember something to eat and drink and walking shoes. We will finish by 15.30.

We will meet at the information Hut near the gate.

For more information mail:  / Jeannie 082 9274673

18th July Mandela Day for Green points in Nature.

Come any time that suits you, directions and kinds of work to be done will be available at gate. Please wear old clothes, and shoes bring your clippers and saws and rubbish bags, to cut down invader plants (there will be poison available) and also clean our reserve.

It is always fun, and you will feel good being part of doing your bit in nature with your family.

18 Julie Mandela Dag – Kom verdien Groen Punte in ons mooie natuur.

Spandeer die dag in die reservaat en help ons om die natuur skoon te maak en ook indringer plante uit te sny. Val enige tyd deur die dag in en doen jou deel  – bring vuilgoedsakke, sae of tuinskêre om die plante uit te sny. Daar sal volledige instruksies , ñ lys van takies asook gif vir die indringer plante by die informasie hut by die hek wees. Trek ou klere aan en onthou iets om te drink en eet.

Hierdie dae is altyd pret vir almal so saam met die werk!


2015-07-08 Water toetsing 1142015-07-10 Kloof en kloof 298unnamedwater




Tree Walk & Talk – 16 June 07:00 – 11:00

Tree Walk on the 16th June from 07:00 – 11:00 with Owen Brett
Join us for a lovely walk to identify and talk about all our lovely and very interesting trees (some very old) found in the Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve.
Please remember comfortable shoes, something to eat and drink as well as your camera.
We will walk quite a distance in the veld and rough terrain, but it will all be worthwhile. We do ask a small donation of R40 that will be used to rebuild bridges and look after our palisades around the reserve. Contact us on for more information.

Boom Uitstappie deur die Moreletakloof op 16 Junie 2015 vanaf 07:00 tot 11:00
Kom stap saam met Owen Brett wat gereeld boom uitstappies aanbied en sien watter besondere bome hier te sien is in ons mooi reservaat. Onthou asseblief gemaklike skoene, iets te ete en drinke asook u kamera. Onthou dat ons met tye in die rowwe veld sal stap.
Ons vra asseblief vir  slegs ń R40 donasie vir die onderhoud van ons reservaat. Vir meer inligting kan u my kontak by
2015-05-09 Kloof en projek 113

Bird Walk with Andy Featherwood – 20 June 07:00 – 11:00

Please join us for a lovely slow walk with birder Andy Featherwood on the 20th of June from 07:00 – 11:00 to see how many special birds we can spot in the reserve. We did find Swallow-tailed Bee-eaters and the illusive Buff-spotted Flufftails in the last few weeks. Please remember walking shoes, something to eat and drink and your binoculars or camera. It is cool but lovely in winter. Remember a small donation of R40 towards our bird hide. For more information please contact us on:
Ons hou ń lekker voëluitstappie op die 20ste Junie vanaf 07:00 – 11:00 saam met Andy Featherwood van Wits. Kom stap saam op ń rustige pas deur die kloof vir om te kyk hoeveel spesiale voëls ons binne die tydperk kan opspoor. Dra gemaklike skoene, onthou u verkyker of kamera en iets te ete en drinke. Die kloof is regtig winter mooi en teen ń donasie van R40 sal u ń heerlike oggend kan deurbring. Vir meer inligting kontak ons op:
2015-05-09 Kloof en projek 1262015-05-09

Bird Ringing & the BIG Clean-Up

We have a jam packed Saturday planned with two events taking place tomorrow 7 February 2015:

Please be part of the BIG drive to clean all our green areas starting from 05:30. You are welcome to join from any time, grab a bag at the gate which we will supply, fill it up and deposit it in the skip kindly sponsored by Star Skips placed near the Information Hut. (For all your skip hire needs, visit their website or like their Facebook page: Star Skips).

This is a clean up effort that will take place in all the reserves in the east of Pretoria tomorrow. We will be focusing on the spruit areas and also cutting out some bug weed and invader plants. So if you have some clipers, bring it with and help us take out some invader plants (we will point it out to you). We will also clean along the spruit from above the dam wall (go into veld at the new wooden bridge, and walk along or in the spruit).

At the same time we will be hosting a Bird Ringing event that also start from 05:30. You can stop of at their tents while cleaning up, and see the work they do ringing birds. This will take place until around 09:00. From the youngest to the oldest love this

Remember something to eat and drink, your camera and a small donation towards the upkeep of our own Reserve.

For more info mail us on

Hope to see you there!


149352_10152762807328762_3918972520490724517_n 2014-07-13 Moreletakloof spruit 097 2014-11-01 Hein Bantjes Voëlring 274 149352_10152762807328762_3918972520490724517_n Skoonmaak 2

Newsletter for Friends of Moreletakloof Nature Reserve / Nuusbrief vir Vriende van Moreletakloof Natuur Reservaat

This was a very special year for the Friends because we reached our dream to make our reserve much more friendly towards the elderly, parents with prams and persons in wheel chairs. It took more than three years to get all the plans approved as well as get funding. We contacted people that we thought would be willing to help us by donating their services free of charge, and ended up only paying for the contractor who did the construction. Nature Conservation helped us with all the information of what plans were needed, and approved this Discovery and Sensory Trail Project.

On the 24th October we handed over the Bird hide, the toilet and rest deck, as well as our special parking over to Nature Conservation, after we thanked the persons that made this possible and did the funding. People and instances, that needs to be mentioned for helping us, is the following:

  • Chris Patton from SANParks/ help with specifications and other help from 2010
  • Tommie van Deemter from Aurecon/ lots of help with information and the drawing of plans from 2010
  • Dr Pieter Aucamp from Ptersa/ Full Ecological study of the whole project
  • Cliff Barnes for final plans for bird hide and toilet
  • Ernst Wohlitz, Tinus Prinsloo,Pierre Mondrian, Christene Meyburgh, Adelene Marias and Johan Pietersen from Nature Conservation
  • Outdoordecks, Willie Loubser as contractor and Aroma Paving
  • Willem Silvis supplying generators during construction
  • Jan de Koster as Project Manager
  • Brian Geyer for donating lots of trees, from Willow Feather Farm.
  • All the help from Directors of Friends of Moreletakloof


  • Jacarandafm, Angels/R 48 000.
  • Roelof van der Merwe Bikers/R 12 000.
  • Ernst Retief from Birdlife with Rand Merchant Bank as sponsors/R 195 000.
  • Dawie Chamberlain also helped us through Birdlife.
  • The many smaller donators made it possible to make up the full amount.

We also painted the palisade fence in April 2013 (R 10 000) and did small projects with Nature Conservation.
We replaced many signposts during 2013, and also received 6 concrete benches from Vista Clinic for the reserve (R 10 000). We had some birdwalks and a tree walk with Prof Braam van Wyk.  Groups from Pathways and other school groups walked with us as well as groups from Old age homes. The local Voortrekkers also came for long walks.
We would like to thank every Friend of Moreletakloof that contributed towards all our projects, during 2013. You will agree that the reserve is well looked after and we thank Nature Conservation for all the effort that they put in to keep this reserve so safe (Adelene Marais, Johan Pietersen and Dawid and Eddie), and our pathways cleanly cut.

Businesses from this area, that sponsored food and drinks for outings from Pathways (70 persons per outing on different walks): Boma Butchery, Kings Deli, Freshways, House of Coffee, Spar and Castle Walk Flowers.

We would love the Friends to become more involved in the Management and help us with so many small tasks that
will insure that the reserve stay as safe, serene and beautiful in 2014.

Please become a Friend of Moreletakloof, we need you membership but also your involvement in tasks like removing invader plants, keeping an eye on the sewerage spills and overflowing of the reservoir, rebuilding bridges and organising walks and talks, helping us to fund the repainting and repair of the palisade. Please work with us because Nature Conservation help as much as they can, but they have a lack off funds and the security of the reserve needs more attention than ever.
The membership fee is R 350 per family (you and your family receive two free entrances for a family of four (two kids under 18, in five reserves which include Rietvlei and Groenkloof.)

Please come forward with new ideas and become part of the working team of Moreletakloof, supporting and helping Nature Conservation.

Join us for a spring clean!

Kom help die Vriende van Moreletakloof Natuur Reservaat om die spruit skoon te maak op Saterdag 28 September vanaf 07:00 die oggend. Ons ontmoet in die reservaat se parkering. Ons gaan in en om die spruit vanaf die langhoutbrug op Suikerbosroete tot by die riete by die dam werk. Ons sal sakke voorsien en ook n paar handskoene. Die area is bietjie ongelyk vir klein kinders. Dit is die mooiste deel van die kloof, kom en geniet dit saam met ons en doen n goeie daad!

U kan ook die Vriende van Moreletakloof ondersteun deur n donasie te maak, sodat ons die kloof kan onderhou in samewerking met natuurbewaring. Kaartmasjien beskikbaar by die hekwag.

Kontak: Jeannie du Plessis

Please come and assist the Friends of the Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve on the 28th of September from 07:00 to clean the spruit from the long bridge (wooden bridge) down to the reeds of the dam. We will supply rubbish bags and a few gloves. The area is a bit rough for small kids. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the reserve.

You can also help us by making a donation towards the Friends of Moreletakloof. This will enable us to work with nature conservation to keep this reserve safe and clean. We have a credit card machine available at the gate.

Contact: Jeannie du Plessis

Start of construction of the Bird Hide and the Rest Deck on 25 March!

On the 25th of March 2013, we will start with the construction of the Bird Hide and the Rest Deck with the toilet (fully accessible). The parking for people with disabilities will follow as soon as this phase of the construction has been completed.

We as the Friends of Moreleta Kloof, cannot wait for the start of this first phase of this long awaited dream to materialise.  It has taken time,  but soon we will be able to facilitate persons with disabilities – as well as add greatly to the experience of all the other very welcome visitors to the Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve –  ranging from bird lovers to those who are seeking out the sanctitude of the trees close to the Rademeyer’s Spruit.

On Monday, the 25th March we will also start painting the outside palisade, which is in dire need of attention. We would like to thank all the people that made donations towards the Friends of Moreleta Kloof and for your kindness towards us. We would like to thank our big sponsors like Jacaranda FM, Bird Life SA (Rand Merchant Bank) our Biker friends and the various smaller donators. Tshwane Nature Conservation truly cares about this reserve and you see ample proof of this  in the way the pathways are kept. Our animals are happy and content  – and peaceful. Thank you Tshwane Nature Conservation for your sterling work over the years!

Please support us in our effort to keep this special reserve peaceful, serene and well kept.  This is a place where you can bring your youngest kids to learn of nature, where they can learn that there is no place like nature to relax in. And you might enjoy it too 🙂  It’s also an ideal setting  for projects for Primary- and High School students, you have a wide choice of topics, just walk and feel nature at its best…the rest will follow.

Please help us by contributing towards the Friends of Moreleta Kloof so that we can preserve the reserve. All the needed information is available on this site, to make a donation as well as on how to become a friend. We will be having Walks and talks in this reserve and feel free to give us ideas for walks or events that you have feel would be interesting!

Please contact us for any information or should you have any questions. We would like to share our ideas and propositions for the rest of our projects with you. If you can help us in any way, like to make our pathways more wheel chair friendly (in a natural way) or any other suggestions we would appreciate it.

You can reach us on or +27 82 927 4673.