Upcoming events for Spring

Upcoming Events in the Reserve:

20 September 2014 from 08.30:

We will have a walk/roll with Alzheimer’s patients and their loved ones to enjoy the time together in nature. Contact us for more information on info@moreletakloof.co.za.

25 September 2014, 18:00 –19:00 :

Talk by Mr Mike Silberbauer on the state of the Moreletaspruit that flows into the Roodeplaat dam. He has been doing a very intensive study for the Adopt-a-river project. This is a very interesting talk about the water system’s source:  A fountain on the Wingate Golf course grounds until it ends as drinking water for parts of Pretoria.

From 19:00 we would like to invite you to join us at the Voerkraal (part of Rademeyers), to enjoy a nice braai with us (“Sundowners, T-Bones, Chicken Flatties” served from the braai). Please join us and meet all the other people that are involved with our reserve. Please let us know if you would like to attend (info@moreletakloof.co.za). This will be for your account.

11th October 2014,07:00 – 10:30:

We will have a Walk and Talk with Anto Eyssel-Knox and Rudi Bezuidenhoudtt. Both are specialists on wetlands and they will talk about our own wetlands as well as all the new veld flowers that will be blooming after the rain. We will meet at the parking, remember comfortable shoes, a hat, your camera, something to eat and drink and a R 40 donation towards the reserve. People really enjoy this walks, please join us.

18th October 2014 07:00 – 11:00:

People who have joined us for talks by Prof Adam Bumby will know how much he loves to talk about our own very special rocks and rock formations. Since his talks are always popular and well attended, we have invited him to hold another one. Please meet us in the parking area and remember good walking shoes, a hat, your camera, something to eat and drink and a donation towards the reserve.

30th October 2014 from 18:00:

We plan to have our Annual General Meeting for all our Friends of Moreletakloof as well as people who would like to know more about the reserve and what we would like to accomplish as community with this reserve, in cooperation with Nature Conservation. The date is now confirmed and notice will be sent out to everyone.

1 November 2014, vanaf 6.30 until 11:00:

Hein Bantjies and his team of bird ringers will once again join us for a morning of bird ringing, followed by a talk. They always take great care to show everyone how the ringing is done, and people have the opportunity to see the birds up close and help release the birds (something the kids really enjoy). This is another one of our regular events and always very well attended. This is also one of our events easily accessible for people in wheelchairs or people who are visually impaired.

As with all events, remember comfortable shoes and something to eat and drink.

For information on any of these events, please contact us on info@moreletakloof.co.za

 Bird Ringing 3 Bird Ringing 1 10154522_10152308192323762_2404320243790118141_n

Event reminder: Talk on rock formations by Prof. Adam Brumby

24th May 2014 Prof Adam Brumby from Tuks will walk with us, and give a talk on all the rock formations in the Moreletakloof Reserve. Time is from 07:00 till 11:00.

Adam gives the most interesting talk on the very old rocks (some as old as the rocks from the Cradle of Humankind), that is found here in our reserve.
Remember to bring something to eat and drink, your camera an a hat. The cost will be R 40/person. We will meet in the parking area.

For more info on any of these events, please contact us on info@moreletakloof.co.za

Rock Talk 2




Walk or Roll Challenge

Join us for a ‘Walk or Roll’ challenge on Wednesday 7 May at 10:00.

We would like to invite persons making use of wheel chairs, differently-able as well as blind persons to join us for this challenge. It is your choice what distance you feel comfortable with – either the full distance of 4 km or the shorter distance down to the bird hide and rest deck. At the bird hide you will be welcome to enjoy the view over the spruit, enjoy the quiet, do a spot of bird watching or look out for  Zebra, Blesbuck and Springbuck. We will have marshals along the way as well as water points.

We start from the parking area of the reserve near the gate of the reserve, where there is also special parking available.

For more information please contact us on info@moreletakloof.co.za.

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Upcoming Events April / May 2014

26th April 2014, at 07:00 and 08:00 (two groups): Big Cut-down of Invader plants in the Moreletakloof Nature Reserve, Helios Street, Moreletapark.

We would like to invite families or groups of friends to join us. Please bring your own cutters, clippers or small saws to cut down Blackwattles and Bugweed on our pathways. We will supply poison to adults to use after the invaders was cut down.
This can be fun and your kids will love working with you in our beautiful reserve. Work as long as you feel like, but remember something to drink and eat,and to wear old clothing and a hat.
We will meet at the parking of the reserve near the entrance.

24th May 2014 Prof Adam Brumby from Tuks will walk with us, and give a talk on all the rock formations in the Moreletakloof Reserve. Time is from 07:00 till 11:00.

Adam gives the most interesting talk on the very old rocks (some as old as the rocks from the Cradle of Humankind), that is found here in our reserve.
Remember to bring something to eat and drink, your camera an a hat. The cost will be R 40/person. We will meet in the parking area.

For more info on any of these events, please contact us on info@moreletakloof.co.za

Rock Talk Rock Talk 2

Rock Formations Walk – Prof. Adam Brumby

You are invited to come and walk with Prof Adam Brumby in the Moreletakloof on the 15th March, from 06:00 till about 11:30 to learn more about the rock formations that we find in our reserve. The cost will be a R40 per person.

We will meet at 5:45 in the parking – just inside the gate of the reserve. Please do remember a hat, your camera, something to eat and drink for the walk.

Please note that people who have difficulty walking on rough terrain will have trouble with this walk as we will venture off road.

For more information please contact us on info@moreletakloof.co.za.

Klip 1

Ons wil u graag nooi na ñ uitstappie en praaitjie oor die rotsformasies van Moreletakloof deur Prof Adam Brumby van Tuks op die 15 de Maart vanaf 06:00 tot ongeveer 11:30.

Die praatjie sal in Engels aangebied word.

Ons ontmoet van 05:45 in die parkering van die natuur reservaat. Die koste beloop R40 per persoon.

Onthou ook asseblief om ñ hoed, u kamera, water en iets om te eet saambring. Persone wat moeilik loop moet asseblief nie deelneem aangesien ons op rowwe terrein sal beweeg.

As u nog informasie benodig kontak ons by info@moreletakloof.co.za

Bird Hide

If you have visited the Moreletakloof Nature Reserve recently, you would have noticed our lovely new bird hide.

In the article below, BirdLife South Africa shares some interesting facts about bird hides, as well as a comprehensive manual on how to build a universally accessible bird hide. The Moreletakloof Nature Reserve’s hide is one of the plans that they share.

“In order to promote birdwatching, BirdLife South Africa realises that facilities such as hides and boardwalks are needed. Not only do these allow people to get close to birds, thus allowing the viewing of secretive species and providing bird photography opportunities, but they ensure that the impact on the environment, for example through limiting access across sensitive wetland habitats, is minimised.

It is important for bird hides to be carefully designed, properly constructed and well maintained. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and some hides have been poorly planned and built, and despite original good intentions often fall into disrepair. Sadly, many hides are also not accessible to everyone, such as to people who are visually impaired, in wheelchairs, or the elderly who have difficulty walking. In order to assist potential bird hide builders with the building of bird hides a document with the title “A guide to build universally accessible bird hideswas drafted and can be downloaded below. The document of 31 pages contains information about the planning, construction and maintenance of bird hides as well as sketches, technical drawings and more than 40 photographs to illustrate the text.”

For more, click here: http://www.birdlife.org.za/conservation/iba/657

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Lovely walk in the Moreletakloof Nature Reserve on 18th January 2014

Moreletakloof Uitstappie18 Januarie 2014, 06:00

Spesiale uitnodiging aan almal van die Gemeenskap om die Moreletakloof, asook werklike Natuurliefhebbers wat graag meer betrokke wil raak in hierdie reservaat se uitstappies, onderhoud en beveiliging. Kom stap saam met ons en sien waarom dit so belangrik is om die groen  areas in u omgewing te bewaar, en geniet die mooiheid van hierdie kloof.
Ons sal 06:00 van af die parkering by die hek (uit Heliosstraat) , begin stap, maar onthou asseblief iets te drinke en ete asook u kamera.

Ons vra u om asseblief n donasie van R30 per persoon te doen vir die verf van ons palisade wat dit dringend benodig. Na n byna drie uur stappie sal ons net vir n rukkie gesels oor wat ons beoopg vir die kloof, vir 2014.
Vir meer besonderhede kontak: info@moreletakloof.co.za (Jeannie du Plessis)
Lovely walk in the Moreletakloof Nature Reserve on 18th January 2014:

We would like to invite people from our community, Friends of Moreletakloof as well as people who would like to get involved in this reserve and specially those that love nature. Please come and see why it is so important to care for green areas in our communities, to protect and safeguard them.
Please join us for this walk, that will start at the parking area, near the gate from 06:00 for about three hours, that will end with a discussion about the plans for this reserve for 2014. You are welcome to bring something to eat and drink, on the way, but do not forget your camera. You will be surprised to see how beautiful this 100 hectare reserve is, and why we need to look after it. Please make a donation of R 30/person, that will be used to repaint and repair our 6 km palisade.

For more information contact Jeannie du Plessis at info@moreletakloof.co.za.


Brave little Zebra

We received messages on our Facebook group of a Zebra foal that was having problems walking. We asked nature conservation and vets in the area to help – and the response we got was amazing.

The zebra foal that was born on the 24th of  December. Once examined, the condition was identified as  ‘flexor tendon laxity’ – the tendons running down the back of both hindlimbs were ‘loose’ resulting in his rocking back on his heels and his fetlock nearly touching the ground.  The majority of these cases self correct as they gain strength, grow and become more mobile.

He is getting stronger every day.

Pictures below is from the wonderful veterinarian (Wilna van Schalkwyk Burke) and her family that is  helping the Zebra.  Updates are available on our pages, as well as her Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Sozo.rescue.and.rehabilitation.centre). 


1157388_10201319033797099_1962032678_n 1544471_10201319031557043_1494068399_n 1489293_10201319035677146_1222212624_n1466238_10201309762925333_1515534317_n


Newsletter for Friends of Moreletakloof Nature Reserve / Nuusbrief vir Vriende van Moreletakloof Natuur Reservaat

This was a very special year for the Friends because we reached our dream to make our reserve much more friendly towards the elderly, parents with prams and persons in wheel chairs. It took more than three years to get all the plans approved as well as get funding. We contacted people that we thought would be willing to help us by donating their services free of charge, and ended up only paying for the contractor who did the construction. Nature Conservation helped us with all the information of what plans were needed, and approved this Discovery and Sensory Trail Project.

On the 24th October we handed over the Bird hide, the toilet and rest deck, as well as our special parking over to Nature Conservation, after we thanked the persons that made this possible and did the funding. People and instances, that needs to be mentioned for helping us, is the following:

  • Chris Patton from SANParks/ help with specifications and other help from 2010
  • Tommie van Deemter from Aurecon/ lots of help with information and the drawing of plans from 2010
  • Dr Pieter Aucamp from Ptersa/ Full Ecological study of the whole project
  • Cliff Barnes for final plans for bird hide and toilet
  • Ernst Wohlitz, Tinus Prinsloo,Pierre Mondrian, Christene Meyburgh, Adelene Marias and Johan Pietersen from Nature Conservation
  • Outdoordecks, Willie Loubser as contractor and Aroma Paving
  • Willem Silvis supplying generators during construction
  • Jan de Koster as Project Manager
  • Brian Geyer for donating lots of trees, from Willow Feather Farm.
  • All the help from Directors of Friends of Moreletakloof


  • Jacarandafm, Angels/R 48 000.
  • Roelof van der Merwe Bikers/R 12 000.
  • Ernst Retief from Birdlife with Rand Merchant Bank as sponsors/R 195 000.
  • Dawie Chamberlain also helped us through Birdlife.
  • The many smaller donators made it possible to make up the full amount.

We also painted the palisade fence in April 2013 (R 10 000) and did small projects with Nature Conservation.
We replaced many signposts during 2013, and also received 6 concrete benches from Vista Clinic for the reserve (R 10 000). We had some birdwalks and a tree walk with Prof Braam van Wyk.  Groups from Pathways and other school groups walked with us as well as groups from Old age homes. The local Voortrekkers also came for long walks.
We would like to thank every Friend of Moreletakloof that contributed towards all our projects, during 2013. You will agree that the reserve is well looked after and we thank Nature Conservation for all the effort that they put in to keep this reserve so safe (Adelene Marais, Johan Pietersen and Dawid and Eddie), and our pathways cleanly cut.

Businesses from this area, that sponsored food and drinks for outings from Pathways (70 persons per outing on different walks): Boma Butchery, Kings Deli, Freshways, House of Coffee, Spar and Castle Walk Flowers.

We would love the Friends to become more involved in the Management and help us with so many small tasks that
will insure that the reserve stay as safe, serene and beautiful in 2014.

Please become a Friend of Moreletakloof, we need you membership but also your involvement in tasks like removing invader plants, keeping an eye on the sewerage spills and overflowing of the reservoir, rebuilding bridges and organising walks and talks, helping us to fund the repainting and repair of the palisade. Please work with us because Nature Conservation help as much as they can, but they have a lack off funds and the security of the reserve needs more attention than ever.
The membership fee is R 350 per family (you and your family receive two free entrances for a family of four (two kids under 18, in five reserves which include Rietvlei and Groenkloof.)

Please come forward with new ideas and become part of the working team of Moreletakloof, supporting and helping Nature Conservation.

Annual General Meeting / Algemene Jaarvergadering

Algemene Jaarvergadering

Ons nooi u vriendelik uit na die Algemene Jaarvergadering van die Vriende van Moreletakloof waar sake rakende die Moreletakloof Natuurreservaat bespreek word.

Datum: Dinsdag, 12 November 2013

Tyd: 18:15 vir 18:30

Plek: Rademeyers Restaurant Kapel (hv Helios & Palmiet Strate, Moreletapark).

Die Agenda van die 2013 Algemene Jaarvergadering, asook die Notule van die 2012 Algemene Jaarvergadering sal gedurende November 2013 op die webblad beskikbaar wees.

RSVP: info@moreletakloof.co.za

Annual General Meeting

You are hereby invited to the Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Moreletakloof where we discuss matters regarding the Moreletakloof Nature Reserve.

Date: Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Time: 18:15 vir 18:30

Place: Rademeyers Restaurant Chapel (cnr Helios & Palmiet Streets, Moreletapark).

The Agenda of the 2013 Annual General Meeting as well as the Minutes of Meeting of the 2012 Annual General Meeting will be available on the webpage during November 2013.

RSVP: info@moreletakloof.co.za